Business Solutions

Project Management

Commitment to the successful completion of the all project objectives, Such matter expert, optimizing costs and times for efficient results and quality of deliverables.

Business Consulting

Solutions based on knowledge and experience that our consultants have compiled over all SAP All in One and Business One project involvements.

Post-Implementation Review

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the productive system and recommendations based on best practices SAP and non-SAP.

SAP Licensing Analysis & Optimization

Diagnosis and/or Implementation of SAP Licensing Optimization inspection tools for ROI purposes.

Segregations of Duties and Critical Accesses

Definition of specific rules for each organization and business processes. Risk analysis and access conflicts.

Process Reengineering

Design, redesign and alignment of business processes with the application of methodologies and practices SAP and non-SAP enhancements


Classroom and online courses, workshops of each SAP, GRC, COBIT, ACL modules.


Provide skilled resources to cover operational positions. Have expert consultants to support business and user requirements.

Business Intellligence

Combination of methodology, organization, technology and processes to understand and transform an organization’s data into useful business information.


Implementation of automated business processes, significantly reducing business risks.


We offer assistance to owners of small-medium and large companies with business-focused strategies, considering the sales, marketing, administration, staff, among others.