Solutions designed for companies with more than 250 employees that require a high degree of specific functionality for their sector.
These cost-effective and ready-to-use solutions are preconfigured to meet your company’s needs and can be adjusted to work in your industry as they have high knowledge of your particular industry.


SAP Ariba is rethinking how work is done in this new digital economy. It is more essential than ever that your business suits. The way you manage your supply chain – your relationships with the supplier, your transactions, the business you need to do with your suppliers – is no exception.


Solution designed for companies with less than 250 employees that require fast access to business information in a precise, comprehensive and complete manner. This simple yet powerful solution can meet the most common business needs, such as accounting, reporting, logistics, sales force automation, etc.

Primer y Segundo Nivel

Tercer Nivel


Leader of ERP use inspection solutions, providing unprecedented real-time visibility into management systems, significantly improving SAP security, optimizing the use of licenses and enabling GRC / SOX compliance. Available in the cloud or in installations,
ProfileTailor ™ Dynamic Suite is implemented quickly and does not require changes to the inspected systems.


Leading software company, committed to SAP customers and their community. D’PROS is a member of the products of Dicomano Labs, SAP software company. D’PROS offers a complete range of state-of-the-art innovative and high ROI SAP products, complementary to business and workflow solutions in SAP.
D’PROS allows its clients to better use their SAP system and to achieve their business objectives. D’PROS products provide customers with solutions that accelerate business results, to the best advantage.

Apli RH Consulting

It is a Spanish company, with international vocation, specialized in corporate risk control in SAP that has developed its own SAP reengineering role and authorization methodology, which allows undertaking SOX / SoD projects with security, speed and assured success.
Its main assets in SAP are the specialization in SOX / SoD auditing and its solutions for risk control and the automation of role creation.